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POPPY - Springsong - 10 PLANT Box Special

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Hands down the best Iceland Poppy mix I've ever grown! Has lots of pastel tones, with so many plants having an incredible depth to their colour, these are not the flat coloured standard Iceland Poppies! The yellows & oranges are unavoidable but even then they're the pretties oranges & yellows I've ever seen.

Springsong is a regular type of Iceland Poppy - so much more productive but smaller flowered than the giant Italian Colibri Poppies.

Because Springsong is a mix of colours, it is a lucky dip what coloured plant you will receive.

This is a little later than normal for poppies, so planting somewhere cooler or with afternoon shade will help keep them flowering for longer! 

Also, we typically don't harden off our plants ourselves, but we always ensure we give all plants some extra shelter immediately after planting (we use wire hoops and mikroclima/frost cloth as a quick easy transition from inside to outside).

Our next plant release will be in early winter!

Our plant boxes can fit 10 plants per box, with a minimum order of 5 plants.

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