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Cut-Flower Seeds

Our full range of specialty cut-flower seeds!

When I first started growing cut-flowers (seven plus years ago now!), it was virtually impossible to get my hands on all the best cut-flower varieties' seeds in NZ, especially in all the complex and beautiful colours that make my heart sing. So ever since before Emerden had even properly begun to exist I've been behind the scenes (really, really slowly) planning, designing, trialling, photographing and working on creating a range of cut-flower seeds ready to share with you!

We're always trialling new flowers looking for the best of the best varieties, in all the exact perfect colour shades - so keep an eye out on our Coming Soon page for what we have in the works next!

Ordering today? Have a look through our Available Now collection to only see what's ready to go right now!

Ammi - GracelandAmmi - Graceland
Ammi - Graceland Sale price$5.80
Ammi - Green MistAmmi - Green Mist
Ammi - Green Mist Sale price$5.50
Ammobium Sale price$5.50
NEW!Basil - Mrs. Burn's LemonBasil - Mrs. Burn's Lemon
Bupleurum Sale price$5.50
Cerinthe - HoneywortCerinthe - Honeywort
Cerinthe - Honeywort Sale price$6.00
Chocolate LaceChocolate Lace
Chocolate Lace Sale price$6.00
Didiscus - Blue LaceDidiscus - Blue Lace
Didiscus - Blue Lace Sale price$5.50
Didiscus - Pink LaceDidiscus - Pink Lace
Didiscus - Pink Lace Sale price$5.50
Forget Me Not - Chinese BlueForget Me Not - Chinese Blue
Forget Me Not - Mystery RoseForget Me Not - Mystery Rose
Matricaria - SnowballMatricaria - Snowball
Matricaria - Snowball Sale price$6.00
Sold outMatricaria - TetraMatricaria - Tetra
Matricaria - Tetra Sale price$5.50
Matricaria - Vegmo SingleMatricaria - Vegmo Single
Sold outNigella - African BrideNigella - African Bride
Nigella - African Bride Sale price$5.50
Nigella - Albion Black PodNigella - Albion Black Pod
Nigella - Albion Green PodNigella - Albion Green Pod
Nigella - Miss Jekyll RoseNigella - Miss Jekyll Rose
Orlaya - White LaceOrlaya - White Lace
Orlaya - White Lace Sale price$5.50
Sold outPhlox - Cherry CaramelPhlox - Cherry Caramel
Phlox - Cherry Caramel Sale price$5.50
Phlox - Creme BruleePhlox - Creme Brulee
Phlox - Creme Brulee Sale price$6.00
Sold outPoppy - Colibri La Dolce VitaPoppy - Colibri La Dolce Vita
Poppy - Iceland SpringsongPoppy - Iceland Springsong
Sold outStatice - Apricot Pink MixStatice - Apricot Pink Mix
Statice - Pastel BlueStatice - Pastel Blue
Statice - Pastel Blue Sale price$5.50
Statice - WhiteStatice - White
Statice - White Sale price$5.50
Statice - YellowStatice - Yellow
Statice - Yellow Sale price$5.50