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Cut-Flower Seeds

Our full range of specialty cut-flower seeds!

When I first started growing cut-flowers (seven plus years ago now!), it was virtually impossible to get my hands on all the best cut-flower varieties' seeds in NZ, especially in all the complex and beautiful colours that make my heart sing. So ever since before Emerden had even properly begun to exist I've been behind the scenes (really, really slowly) planning, designing, trialling, photographing and working on creating a range of cut-flower seeds ready to share with you!

We're always trialling new flowers looking for the best of the best varieties, in all the exact perfect colour shades - so keep an eye out on our Coming Soon page for what we have in the works next!

Ordering today? Have a look through our Available Now collection to only see what's ready to go right now!

Amaranthus - Coral FountainAmaranthus - Coral Fountain
Amaranthus - Emerald TasselsAmaranthus - Emerald Tassels
Amaranthus - Hopi Red DyeAmaranthus - Hopi Red Dye
Amaranthus - Hot BiscuitsAmaranthus - Hot Biscuits
Amaranthus - MiraAmaranthus - Mira
Amaranthus - Mira Sale price$5.50
Amaranthus - PistachioAmaranthus - Pistachio
Amaranthus - Pistachio Sale price$5.50
Amaranthus – Red SpikeAmaranthus – Red Spike
Amaranthus – Red Spike Sale price$5.50
NEW!Basil - Mrs. Burn's LemonBasil - Mrs. Burn's Lemon
Bunny Tail GrassBunny Tail Grass
Bunny Tail Grass Sale price$5.50
Bupleurum Sale price$5.50
Celosia - Celway TerracottaCelosia - Celway Terracotta
Celosia - Celway WhiteCelosia - Celway White
Celosia - Celway White Sale price$7.00
Celosia - Cramer's BurgundyCelosia - Cramer's Burgundy
Celosia - Flamingo FeatherCelosia - Flamingo Feather
Celosia - Supercrest MixCelosia - Supercrest Mix
Celosia - Supercrest Mix Sale price$6.00
Celosia - SylphidCelosia - Sylphid
Celosia - Sylphid Sale price$7.50
Cress - PennycressCress - Pennycress
Cress - Pennycress Sale price$6.00
Cress - Persian Cress
Cress - Persian Cress Sale price$5.50
Gomphrena - Audray WhiteGomphrena - Audray White
Gomphrena - Audray White Sale price$5.50
Sold outHandful of Gomphrena OrangeGomphrena Orange in the Field
Gomphrena - Orange Sale price$5.50
Gomphrena - PinkGomphrena - Pink
Gomphrena - Pink Sale price$6.00
Sold outGomphrena - Strawberry FieldsGomphrena - Strawberry Fields
Lunaria - HonestyLunaria - Honesty
Lunaria - Honesty Sale price$5.50
Orach - CopperOrach - Copper
Orach - Copper Sale price$5.80
Orach - GoldenOrach - Golden
Orach - Golden Sale price$5.80
Orach - Ruby GoldOrach - Ruby Gold
Orach - Ruby Gold Sale price$5.80
Poppy - Hungarian BreadseedPoppy - Hungarian Breadseed
Scabiosa - StellataScabiosa - Stellata
Scabiosa - Stellata Sale price$5.50