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Cut-Flower Seeds

Our full range of specialty cut-flower seeds! There is nothing quite so magical as patiently sowing, coaxing and marvelling at growing flowers from seed!

When I first started growing cut-flowers (seven plus years ago now!), it was virtually impossible to get my hands on all the best cut-flower varieties' seeds in NZ, especially in all the complex and beautiful colours that make my heart sing, and with stems long enough for picking!

So ever since before Emerden had really even properly begun to exist I've been behind the scenes planning, designing, trialling, photographing and working on creating a range of cut-flower seeds ready to share with you!

We're always trialling new flowers looking for the best of the best varieties, in all the exact perfect colour shades - so keep an eye out on our Coming Soon page for what we have in the works next!

Ordering today? Have a look through our Available Now collection to only see what's ready to go right now!

Marigold - Giant OrangeMarigold - Giant Orange
Marigold - Giant Orange Sale price$6.50
Rudbeckia - Cherry BrandyRudbeckia - Cherry Brandy
Rudbeckia - SaharaRudbeckia - Sahara
Rudbeckia - Sahara Sale price$6.00
Sunflower - ProCut PlumSunflower - ProCut Plum
Sunflower - ProCut Plum Sale price$6.50
Sunflower - ProCut White NiteSunflower - ProCut White Nite
Zinnia - Benary Bright PinkZinnia - Benary Bright Pink
Zinnia - Benary Deep RedZinnia - Benary Deep Red
Zinnia - Benary Deep Red Sale price$6.00
Sold outZinnia - Benary Salmon Rose
Sold outZinnia - Benary WhiteZinnia - Benary White
Zinnia - Benary White Sale price$6.00
Zinnia - Cactus Flowered MixZinnia - Cactus Flowered Mix
Zinnia - Creamy YellowZinnia - Creamy Yellow
Zinnia - Creamy Yellow Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - MacareniaZinnia - Macarenia
Zinnia - Macarenia Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - MazurkiaZinnia - Mazurkia
Zinnia - Mazurkia Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - Oklahoma Golden YellowZinnia - Oklahoma Golden Yellow
Sold outZinnia - Oklahoma IvoryZinnia - Oklahoma Ivory
Zinnia - Oklahoma Ivory Sale price$6.00
Zinnia - Oklahoma Pink
Zinnia - Oklahoma Pink Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - Oklahoma SalmonZinnia - Oklahoma Salmon
Zinnia - Oklahoma Salmon Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - Oklahoma WhiteZinnia - Oklahoma White
Zinnia - Oklahoma White Sale price$5.50
Zinnia - Queeny Lemon PeachZinnia - Queeny Lemon Peach
Sold outZinnia - Queeny Lime BLUSHZinnia - Queeny Lime BLUSH
Zinnia - Queeny ORANGE LIMEZinnia - Queeny ORANGE LIME
Zinnia - Queeny PURE ORANGEZinnia - Queeny PURE ORANGE
Sold outZinnia - Queeny RED LimeZinnia - Queeny RED Lime
Zinnia - Queeny RED Lime Sale price$7.00
Zinnia - SenoraZinnia - Senora
Zinnia - Senora Sale price$5.50
Sold outZinnia - Zinderella LilacZinnia - Zinderella Lilac
Zinnia - Zinderella PeachZinnia - Zinderella Peach
Zinnia - Zinderella WhiteZinnia - Zinderella White