Dahlia + Spring Bulb Return Policy

If you are unhappy with the quality of our bulbs (dahlia + anemone + tulip), or we sent you the incorrect varieties please let us know within 5 days of their delivery to arrange their return, if we have spare stock we can offer a replacement or alternatively a full refund of the item price (if the item is returned in its original undamaged packaging).

If the original packaging being returned isn't in its original condition we may have to apply a 15% restocking fee.

If once your bulbs have flowered you discover that the variety is not what you ordered please let us know as soon as possible and please send clear photos of the full plant and a closer photo of the flowers. Our anemone corms + Dahlia Tuber (2020 only) sales were imported from breeders overseas, which means any full variety mislabeling on their part is unfortunately completely out of our control, but while we will likely receive zero compensation from our suppliers for their mixup, we are happy to offer you the option replacement bulbs or a gift voucher (purchase price less shipping - valid for one season only) for alternative replacements at our next respective bulb sale (dahlias might not be available for replacement until 2022 though - depending on availability). There is no need to return these mislabelled tubers at the end of their growing season.

Seed return policy

All our seed is purchased from our tried and true seed suppliers (or grown by ourselves and germination tested for viability before selling), we can't stand the nuisance of seeds that don't reliably germinate well so we have very high standards for our seeds and will never sell anything we wouldn't sow ourselves for our own flower farm production. Occasionally however there's the odd poor germination batch of seeds that slip through (some years some varieties don't have as good of a germination rate as others due to the weather/growing season of the seed growers around the world).

If your seeds aren't germinating and you've followed our instructions on the packet, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can perform our own batch test of seeds we hold in reserve. If we have the same issue we will happily refund or replace depending on availability. If however our germination rate is as expected from our test (anything from 60%+) then we are unable to offer a refund as there's too many variables to your sowing/seed storage conditions that may be causing the poor germination.

All seeds are sold in faith they are the correct variety/colours, but in the case of mislabels we are unable to offer refunds or compensation for any losses due any potential mislabels.

Our seeds are intended to be sown in the respective season they were sold, some varieties will still germinate well in years to come, but some varieties lose viability within a year or two (larkspur/achillea etc). Some varieties also naturally no matter the source, no matter the year/batch seem to always have slightly lower germination % than others, which we recommend double sowing if you require a specific number of plants (scabiosa/phlox etc).

We've found for the best germination and the best shelf life of seeds to store in sealed bags/containers in the fridge.

Plant Return Policy

We unfortunately cannot accept returns of live plants, if you've received a damaged plant please let us know immediately! Refunds and replacements are assessed on a case by case basis, at our sole discretion.