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Sweet Peas

Heavenly scented Sweet Peas are one of my favourite flowers! 

I am always growing more sweet peas than sense! And now I'm excited to justify growing even more, by growing our own seeds to share with you (so we can all grow too many sweet peas)!

Winter & Spring Sunshine Sweet Peas are best sown in Autumn, Early Winter for early Spring flowers, and if you're game you could try sowing them in late spring for Autumn flowers.

Summer Sweet Peas are best sown just after the shortest day through to late winter to flower in the height of summer.

Sold outSweet Pea - Memorial FlightSweet Pea - Memorial Flight
Sold outSweet Pea - Oban BaySweet Pea - Oban Bay
Sweet Pea - Oban Bay Sale price$6.00
Sweet Pea - MistySweet Pea - Misty
Sweet Pea - Misty Sale price$6.00
Sold outSweet Pea - Raspberry FlakeSweet Pea - Raspberry Flake
Sold outSweet Pea - John GreySweet Pea - John Grey
Sweet Pea - John Grey Sale price$6.00
Sweet Pea - Patricia MarilynSweet Pea - Patricia Marilyn
Sold outSweet Pea - Gwawr CymruSweet Pea - Gwawr Cymru
Sweet Pea - Gwawr Cymru Sale price$6.00
Sold outSweet Pea - CastlewellanSweet Pea - Castlewellan
Sweet Pea - Castlewellan Sale price$6.00
Sweet Pea - Kiera MadelineSweet Pea - Kiera Madeline
Sold outSweet Pea - Melanie AnnSweet Pea - Melanie Ann
Sweet Pea - Melanie Ann Sale price$6.00
Sold outSweet Pea - William and CatherineSweet Pea - William and Catherine
Sold outSweet Pea - Spring Sunshine WhiteSweet Pea - Spring Sunshine White
Sold outSweet Pea - Spring Sunshine ChampagneSweet Pea - Spring Sunshine Champagne
Sweet Pea - Spring Sunshine BlushSweet Pea - Spring Sunshine Blush