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Stock or Matthiola are one of my very favourite spring flowers! They are reasonably quick to flower and will flower in winter if planted early enough!

Stock are cool loving flowers, preferring the cool of winter over the heat of summer, so are best sown from autumn through to mid-spring. You can also sow them late summer for autumn flowers, though this can be a little tricky due to the heat and the fact they're part of the brassica family so white butterflies and their hungry caterpillars absolutely love them!

Stock - Miracle YellowStock - Miracle Yellow
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Stock - Katz ApricotStock - Katz Apricot
Stock - Katz Apricot Sale price$5.80
Sold outStock - StoX Antique RoseStock - StoX Antique Rose
Stock - Katz RubyStock - Katz Ruby
Stock - Katz Ruby Sale price$5.80
Stock - Vintage BrownStock - Vintage Brown
Stock - Vintage Brown Sale price$6.00
Sold outStock - StoX ChampagneStock - StoX Champagne
Stock - StoX Champagne Sale price$6.00
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Stock - StoX SilverStock - StoX Silver
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Stock - Katz WhiteStock - Katz White
Stock - Katz White Sale price$5.80
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