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Tulip Bulbs

All my favourite tulip varieties, heavy on doubles and always gorgeously coloured!

How to Grow Tulips

2024 tulip bulbs available for pre-order now!

Unfortunately one of New Zealands main tulip growers (Van Eeden) retired this season, their business didn't find a buyer, and no bulbs were planted in 2023, so the range of tulip varieties available in New Zealand is now very limited! Heartbreakingly sooo many of our very favourite varieties are now lost & discontinued as they were the main grower growing bulbs specifically for the NZ market. Whilst NZ is one of the main tulip growing countries in the world, they are almost exclusively grown to be exported back to the Northern Hemisphere for forcing out of season, so as such our local selection of bulbs is particularly slim, and just got drastically more slim!

Thankfully we trialled a few new varieties last season that have survived the changes, and there's definitely still some pretty gems still to be found!

Sold outTULIP - Orange Princess
TULIP - Orange Princess Sale priceFrom $12.00
Sold outTULIP - Red Princess
TULIP - Red Princess Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - ColumbusTULIP - Columbus
TULIP - Columbus Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - Neglige
TULIP - Neglige Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - White LiberstarTULIP - White Liberstar
TULIP - White Liberstar Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - AntarcticaTULIP - Antarctica
TULIP - Antarctica Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - FoxtrotTULIP - Foxtrot
TULIP - Foxtrot Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - Dynasty
TULIP - Dynasty Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - Crown of Dynasty
TULIP - Crown of Dynasty Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - CabannaTULIP - Cabanna
TULIP - Cabanna Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - Katinka
TULIP - Katinka Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - Double PriceTULIP - Double Price
TULIP - Double Price Sale priceFrom $12.00
New!TULIP - Saigon DoubleTULIP - Saigon Double
TULIP - Saigon Double Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP - MascotteTULIP - Mascotte
TULIP - Mascotte Sale priceFrom $12.00
TULIP COLLECTION Sale price$58.00
SPRING COLLECTION Sale price$160.00