Due to recent business growth and I’m looking to find a permanent part-time employee to help with the many various field jobs - bed prep, clearing out old crops and cultivating ready for the next planting; planting, weeding, mowing lawns, washing buckets, and occasional seed sowing.


The ideal candidate for this position:

  • is an energetic, positive, hard-working individual
  • is self-motivated to move quickly and complete the task at hand efficiently.
  • is physically capable - in general if you can handle some heavy lifting and wheelbarrowing numerous full loads of compost around the place you’ll be fine. As well as a good dose of monotonous bending & pulling.
  • is reliable and trustworthy
  • takes pride in their work with a strong sense of attention to detail
  • is able to work fast and efficiently in all weather, hot/cold, raining/beautiful, though I do generally try to shuffle the jobs around to avoid the worst of the weather, there are days when it’s just unavoidable.


This is a permanent year-round position, but due to the nature of flower farming it is still quite seasonal. Preference will be given if you can commit to more hours during peak season (September-May), with winter off season hours reduced.

Exact quantity of hours and hourly rates are negotiable, it will however only be in a part-time capacity for now but as the business grows there will be room for the position to grow.

Throughout the peak season the work schedule (while semi-flexible) will be predominantly early mornings and/or late afternoon/evenings, and change slightly throughout the season as the days get longer/shorter/hotter. The winter schedule as well as in late Autumn/early Spring will be more flexible.

For the first half of this year, we'll be back & forth between our old Stratford plot, and setting up our new farm in Tikorangi, but long term this role will be based solely in Tikorangi.