EMERDEN is a small flower farm located in Tikorangi, Taranaki, New Zealand. Started by flower obsessed colour enthusiast Sarah Hawkless a few years ago, we're now a very small team attempting to make our way growing & sharing the most beautifully coloured flowers we can find.

We were previously based in Stratford originally, before moving to our new bigger permanent farm in Tikorangi, just before the first 2020 lockdown. We grow a wide range of seasonal flowers, mostly annuals, along with a few spring bulbs (tulips, anemones + ranunculus), dahlias and garden roses mixed in for good measure. As we expand into our new farm, we'll be adding lots more permanent plants (peonies, woodies, perennials & shrubs) which'll take a few years to settle in before we start reaping their beautiful harvests!

We've recently made the hard decision to scale back a lot of our florist services for the time being as we work to prioritise making the rest of our business profitable before having a crack at them again.

We love to scour the globe for the best most beautifully interesting flowers, and slowly but surely we're making our discoveries available to NZ gardeners & small scale flower farmers. 

We also sell wholesale cut-flowers to other florists, both locally and shipping further afield throughout NZ (if you're a florist and you'd like to register, just sign up here: Forist Registration).



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