Flower obsessed as I am, I'm constantly on the search for all the most beautifully interesting flowers and special varieties from around the globe! As I'm gaining my importing confidence I'm slowly starting to share these precious seeds & bulbs with other fellow small scale growers! Register below if you'd like to be added to our growers email list.

Upcoming order schedules:

November 2020 Early January 2021 - Italian Ranunculus & Colibri Poppies (for spring 2021) - SOLD OUT
April 2021 - Italian Mistral Anemone Corms (for spring 2022)
October 2021 - Italian & French Ranunculus + Colibri Poppies (for spring 2022)


Don't worry if you'd like to grow these coveted varieties in your home garden, we'll have you sorted too, but we typically need special crazy advance notice from our growers to cater to their larger quantities, but we'll have our home garden line-ups for sale on the website much much closer to their planting time for you :)