Seasonal Bouquet


Our best-of-the-day mix of our beautifully interesting flowers freshly harvested from our small flower farm in Stratford.


Each bouquet will vary from images depending on what is in its prime on the day. If we’re short on our field-grown flowers we do on occasion order in seasonal NZ grown flowers to supplement our own flowers, this is mostly just in the Autumn + Winter + Spring wings of our season and/or due to any weather damages.

Same–day–delivery orders are not advised as we often harvest to order and most flowers greatly benefit from a long overnight 'conditioning' (post-harvest treatment) in our cooler, this allows us to provide flowers that are in their absolute prime with the greatest vase-life. But in saying that we understand life-happens and push come to shove we can harvest in the morning before the heat of the day, and speed-condition before delivering that afternoon (Stratford only). So last minute orders, really need to be in by about 8.30am at the latest.

We hand–deliver Monday–Saturday to Stratford and can deliver elsewhere within Taranaki—our delivery schedule is a little irregular but reasonably flexible, so if you’re quite set on any specific day please message us before ordering to see if it’s possible to work your preference in that day.


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