All orders placed after midnight Monday 20th December will be sent when we get back from our break on January 17th.



Please note we are still experiencing some shipping delays due to the massive increases of parcel volumes with all the couriers at the moment.



We're always slightly tweaking our shipping rates as we hone and find the best deals we can offer - here's where we're at today:

Shipping Rates

New Zealand

Seed Orders
2-10 packs - Snail Mail (untracked 7-30 days) - $5
2-10 packs - Courier (tracked 4–14 days) - Residential $6 / Rural $10.50
11–35 packsCourier (tracked 4–14 days) - Residential $9 / Rural $14.50

1-4 CalendarsCourier (tracked 4–14 days) - Residential $10 / Rural $15




We are currently trialling tentatively accepting Australian orders (seeds & calendars only). We have not tested the seeds in particular, but if you want to give it a go at your own risk then we're happy work with you.

However we are unable to refund/replace/credit due to any hick-ups with your customs clearance, such as confiscated items, additional clearance inspections, costs and delays. Please make sure you have read and understand the import process and risks before ordering seeds (

After we've received your order and checked the shipping costs to your address, we'll send an invoice via email for your shipping.

Minimum order of $55 applies to Australian orders.

We are unable to ship bulbs outside of NZ.


I've already placed an order, can I add to it?

We are unable to combine orders, feel free to place additional orders if you forgot something the first time.


Why can't I order just order 1 packet of seeds?  

We have a minimum order value of $10, so 2 packets is the minimum you can order at a time. Seed profit margins are very small, so it's simply not viable to send only 1 packet of seeds at time.


When will I receive my order?

All orders take about 1-3 business days to process and send (but on our big releases it will take us much longer than this to get through everyone's orders)

NZ Post (snail mail) orders then usually take about 4–8 business days to be delivered - but on odd occasions for no logical reason they can take more like 11-15 business days.

Courier orders are typically only sent out on Mondays & Wednesdays - and typically take about 1-5 business days.

Rural addresses are typically another 1-3 days on top of all that.

Please note shipping during and straight after any lockdowns will be much slower - and if Taranaki is in L4 we are unable to send anything until we're in L3.


Will you send a confirmation when it is sent?

Couriered orders automatically receive an email with your tracking info once the couriers scan in your parcel. We try to send confirmations for out NZ Post orders - but sometimes we can be late marking your order as complete in our system - which is what triggers the shipping confirmation emails - so they're sometimes delayed a tad vs when your order was actually shipped.


Plant Orders  

All plant orders are sent out Mondays & Tuesdays Only. Plant orders aren't sent out on other weekdays to ensure they have plenty of time throughout the week to make it to you safe and sound and not risk getting stuck in depots over weekends.

We do recommend rural customers (especially South Island rural customers) send their plants to a friend or family member in town to reduce any shipping delays (& save on extra rural delivery costs).

Please note this is the first time we will have shipped plants, we will try our utmost best to pack and label the boxes to the best of our ability but we are at the mercy of the couriers on how well they treat the boxes. Our plants are big enough they will be able to handle a little transit abuse and bounce back with a little care in no time - we're going to seaweed foliar spray them the day before sending to ensure they're all primed for their big adventure, and we recommend you give them a quick soak in seaweed water as soon as they arrive to help getting them back to their happiest selves as quick as possible.