Tulip Pre-Orders

All orders containing Tulips will ship out as soon as we have received the bulbs and packaged everything up - about mid–late April–ish. If you would like your seeds & anemone corms earlier please place separate orders.

Shipping Rates
NZ Post – All of New Zealand - SEED ONLY ORDERS $5

*Our bulb packs are too big to send via NZ Post

Courier Rates for Bulb (Anemones + Tulips) + Seed Orders
Residential - $8

Rural - $10

Residential - $10

Rural - $14

Residential - $12
Rural - $16

*Our courier rates are fixed so order as much as you want and we will not pass on the costs of sending larger boxes.


At this stage we are just sending NZ only, but we are looking into adding an Australia seed only option for our June seed release.


Why can't I order just order 1 packet of seeds?  

We have a minimum order value of $10, so 2 packets is the minimum you can order at a time. Seed profit margins are very small, so it's simply not viable to send only 1 packet of seeds at time.


When will I receive my order?

We only make a couple of trips to the couriers a week usually Tues/Wed and  Thurs/Fri (the couriers unfortunately do not pick-up from our new farm), so we aim to get most orders (besides pre-orders) sent off within 3–4 business days from order date. Depending on your address (rural/residential) and the shipping method you selected (NZ Post/Courier) it will take between 1-7+ days after we send them for you to receive them.

So in total it should take anywhere from 4–12-ish business days from placing your order.

Note after our main releases there may be additional delays as we work through the backlog of orders to pack & send.


Will you send a confirmation when it is sent?

Couriered orders automatically receive an email with your tracking info once the couriers scan in your parcel. We do not send shipping confirmations for NZ Post orders.


I've placed multiple orders, can you combine them?

We are unable to combine orders, feel free to place additional orders if you forgot something the first time but due to the order we pack our orders it is not feasible to combine separate orders.


Why are your shipping rates so expensive?

We are sorry that you feel our shipping rates are expensive, we have worked very hard to get our shipping rates as low as practically possible, and still offer the best high quality service that we can.

We do however understand that if you are only ordering a small number of items it may seem disproportionate to the value of your order, but it simply is not viable to reduce our standard rates even lower as it costs the same to send to you if you buy just 1 packet of seeds than if you bought 20.

For reference all our shipping rates are in fact actually slightly below the direct costs to us aka it costs us more to send to you than we charge you.

For example a breakdown example of our Seed Only $5 shipping rate
- because we don't want your seeds to risk getting crushed we use these paper cushioned envelops ($1.15ea)
- then we don't want your seeds to get wet during transit, so we reluctantly use zip-lock bags to put all your seeds in - it's the only plastic we use in our packaging but at least they're very reusable (we use them to store all our seeds in our fridge) - they cost about 5c each
– the smallest paper cushioned envelope is A5 size so costs $4 per stamp (plus a few cents more per stamp to cover their delivery fee to get them to us)
– then we haven't priced out but we should for all the time to pack orders, get them to the post office, printing copies of orders, address labels etc etc

By that math our $5 NZ Post shipping rate is directly costing us at least $5.20 plus all the other little costs of time & materials we haven't worked out and factored in. 

Despite all of this we do unfortunately get complaints about our shipping rates fairly often - it seems that there is a very real deep seated societal resentment to paying for shipping probably mixed with a bit of mis-understanding behind the real-world costs of shipping - which small businesses like ours just aren't able to compete and absorb like all the big companies can - so all we can do is educate you on our real-world costs and hope that you understand.