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Statice Suworowii - Rose Pink


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Very unique upright pink spired statice! Dries impeccably well!

Suworowii absolutely hate wet feet, they are very sensitive to overwatering when germinating so never leave them in standing water, and take care to leave them to dry (but not dry out, fully dry type 'dry') before waterings. Plant in very free draining soil. Suworowii also don't particularly like lingering in seed trays and always seem to look very sad, but don't despair, so long as you plant them out and don't let them fully dry out, they will bounce back like true magic!

Also known as Pink Pokers + Rat Tail Statice.

Statice Suworowii - Rose Pink
Statice Suworowii - Rose Pink Sale price$5.80

When to Sow:
Autumn to Winter

How to Sow:

Light & Cover Requirements:
BARELY COVER (with vermiculite)

Ideal Temperature:
Medium (approx 21°C)

Germination Speed:
Normal (7–14 days)

We often find our tiny suworowii seedlings to look like that sadest excuse of plants, but don't despair, they like magic (sometimes I really, really don't know how) find a new lease of life when potted up or planted out!

For the chunkiest plants, they are best sown when it is still cool (autumn – winter), sown later when it is warm they may flower very short.

Plant Type:
Hardy-ish Annual

Ideal Location:
Full Sun



Suworowii Statice absolutely, totally, completely hate wet feet, so make sure to give them a very well draining spot and never overwater them.