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TULIP - Katinka


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Our Tulip Bulb sales have now finished for the season. We'll be back with more again in early autumn 2025.

I am very excited about this new variety! We have lost soo many beautifully coloured varieties this season, but we have gained Katinka! 

Loveliest soft smokey lilac! My photo isn't that great as I am slightly jumping the gun selling bulbs before I've grown them a season and photographed them properly (I just couldn't wait, especially in light of all the varieties we've lost this season). This handful had an extremely rough trip up from the South Island, and then the courier's lost the box for a day, but they eventually made it, and I have an ok-ish photo to show for it (though definitely go check out The Farmhouse Flower Farm's very swoon worthy photos, which were what got me excited about this new variety in the first place!!).

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