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Snapdragon - Costa Apricot


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Mix of yellow & pinky apricot shades, Costa Apricot is a fun new colour to blend and brighten your bouquets! Does seem to be a little more pinker in cooler weather/spring, and more yellow in warmer/summer - but I could just be imagining it :)

The early flowering Costa series has traditional snapdragon shaped flowers, with very sturdy solid stems, and is incredibly productive as all snapdragons are!

Plant Type: Hardy Annual

Ideal Location: Full Sun

Spacing: 15–25cm

Height: 90cm+

Can be grown as either quick one cut plants, planted very close (10cm) or pinched and planted further apart 22cm.

Rust can be an issue when grown over summer, but is less of an issue over winter and when they are kept thoroughly harvested and always pumping out fresh new growth.

Snapdragons absolutely need support, and more support than you'd think they'd need. Once they fall over they will bend to keep growing upright.

A Note on Hardening Off

All our plants are grown as we would grow & plant ourselves, which means we typically do not harden off (acclimatise) any of our smaller plants before planting.

Instead, after planting, we always cover all our plants with some sort of frost/mikroclima type cloth over wire low hoops. We leave this cover on till the plants are too big for the cover (usually a couple months later). We have found this extra layer of prolonged cover does away with any need to faff around hardening off plants, and the difference between any plants under these low hoops and those with zero transitionary cover is astonishing!

Prior to planting we also always give our plants a very good soak in water with a swig of seaweed solution and innoculate our plants with beneficial microorganisms. This helps alleviate stress, and start all our plants off with the best possible beginnings.

If however you don't / can't plant under some similar sort of cover, then we do definitely recommend you give your plants 5–14 days to slowly acclimatise to your less protected environment before planting out. We are reasonably mild compared to more southern growers, so easing the plants into colder climates is definitely advised.

Cloth: Polynet / Redpath
Hoops: 4mm Fencing Wire (which we cut up to fit our beds, with bolt cutters as fencing pliers are waaay too hard on our hands!)