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Snapdragon - Costa Apricot


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Mix of yellow & pinky apricot shades, Costa Apricot is a fun new colour to blend and brighten your bouquets! Does seem to be a little more pinker in cooler weather/spring, and more yellow in warmer/summer - but I could just be imagining it :)

The early flowering Costa series has traditional snapdragon shaped flowers, with very sturdy solid stems, and is incredibly productive as all snapdragons are!

Snapdragon - Costa Apricot
Snapdragon - Costa Apricot Sale price$5.80

When to Sow:
Autumn to Early Spring

How to Sow:

Light & Cover Requirements:
DO NOT COVER (needs light)

Ideal Temperature:
Medium (approx 21°C)

Germination Speed:
Normal (7–14 days)

Snapdragon seeds are very small and they also need light to germinate, so they will need special care to germinate their best selves. See our Top 5 Tips for Better Seed Germination post for our best germination tricks for these types of light lovers.

Plant Type:
Hardy Annual

Ideal Location:
Full Sun



Can be grown as either quick one cut plants, planted very close (10cm) or pinched and planted further apart 22cm.

Rust can be an issue when grown over summer, but is less of an issue over winter and when they are kept thoroughly harvested and always pumping out fresh new growth.

Snapdragons absolutely need support, and more support than you'd think they'd need. Once they fall over they will bend to keep growing upright.