Amandine Marshmallow - Ranunculus Plants

Perfectly named pillowy marshmallow pink! Very large double flowers, on super sturdy good length stems! From the French Amandine series, this variety is by far the most reliable soft pink from our kinda overkill pink trials last spring!

See our Ranunc Growing Guide for more growing info & tips, and if you're wondering why we're selling plants instead of corms see our post about Learning to Grow Ranuncs from Seed(lings).


Shipped Plant Orders  

All shipped plant orders are sent out Mondays & Tuesdays Only - we will try our best to get all orders placed before 8am Monday out by Tuesday 13 July, but if the volume of orders is too large we will have to send some orders the following Monday. Plant orders aren't sent out on other weekdays to ensure they have plenty of time throughout the week to make it to you safe and sound and not risk getting stuck in depots over weekends.

We do recommend rural customers (especially South Island rural customers) send their plants to a friend or family member in town to reduce any shipping delays (& save on extra rural delivery costs).

Please note this is the first time we will have shipped plants, we will try our utmost best to pack and label the boxes to the best of our ability but we are at the mercy of the couriers on how well they treat the boxes. Our plants are big enough they will be able to handle a little transit abuse and bounce back with a little care in no time - we're going to seaweed foliar spray them the day before sending to ensure they're all primed for their big adventure, and we recommend you give them a quick soak in seaweed water as soon as they arrive to help getting them back to their happiest selves as quick as possible.

Plant Pick-Up for Locals

For locals that missed the plant sale last Sunday & want to pick-up your order from the the farm (276 Tikorangi Road East), we're offering a pick-up option for plant orders: Wednesday 14 July 11am–3pm. We'll have your order set out and labelled with your order number & name - for larger orders remember to bring a box or something to carry your plants in.

Please only select this option if you will definitely be able to make it within that timeframe, and if you can't make it, please just have your order shipped (or friend pick-up for you). If you do not pick-up your order by 3pm Wednesday, we will have to cancel & refund your order. We will not be offering pick-ups outside of this time, again if you can't make it, please just have your order shipped (or friend pick-up for you).

See our Shipping page for plant shipping rates.

Plant photos are to show their approx plant size - different varieties have slightly different leaf shapes and rate of growth - but they're all at their absolute prime to be planted upon delivery to hit the ground running in your garden.

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