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ANEMONE - Rarity

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The ultimate pastel anemone mix! This is hands down my favourite mix of anemones! The warm toned pastel lilacs and odd pinker blush gems are truly rare in the anemone colour palette making this mix stand out above the rest!! They even have a slight magnolia-esque quality about them with their darker backs of petals and often unique petal shapes as they unfurl open!

I've found the Mistral series to be slightly less productive than other series - but in the best possible way! I often found other series to be tiresome to keep on top of their constant never ending harvesting and constant deadheading, but the Mistrals were that perfect balance of productive without crossing the line of being unmanageable (unless you were shifting and setting up farms and everything in spring was unmanageable like me last spring :) 


How to Grow Anemones

ANEMONE - Rarity
ANEMONE - Rarity Sale price$13.00 Regular price$18.00