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BCN aka Bianco Centro Nero aka my favourite anemone ever!!

The perfect blushy panda/ black/white anemones! Starting out as a creamy blush they open into soft red blush tinged white anemones, with black centres (more often with warmer/red coloured stamen stems).

I've found the Mistral series to be slightly less productive than other series - but in the best possible way! I often found other series to be tiresome to keep on top of their constant never ending harvesting and constant deadheading, but the Mistrals were that perfect balance of productive without crossing the line of being unmanageable (unless you were shifting and setting up farms and everything in spring was unmanageable like me last spring :) And these BCN were probably the only anemone I just about kept up with harvesting every single stem as it was that popular and good! If you're growing for events, or retail or just for yourself these are my top anemone colour pick by far, an absolute must grow! Unfortunately I only truly realised how much I loved them well after I'd already had to get my order in for this season's corms, so I really should have ordered more of them as I wasn't expecting my own order to be quite so big - so they're a little limited this season :(

A small percentage do end up being straight red.


How to Grow Anemones

ANEMONE - BCN Sale price$13.00 Regular price$18.00