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Mix of Snowball & Tetra Matricaria plants, perfect to create a frothy white mid-summer display.


Matricaria are almost perennial in most warmer NZ climates, just cut them back right to the ground at the end of the season and they'll likely come back for a second season of flowers. It's also worth cutting back after their first flush (always around the longest day), to get a second smaller flush later in the season.

Do not plant into weedmat holes, unless the holes are quite large (which then defeats the point of it), trust me they are not fun at all to try and get the weedmat back up and off without ripping or swearing at their difficult chunky stems at the end of the season! For this reason do take care where you let them self seed (as they do so well - which baffles me as when I've tried to intentionally save seed I've had utterly pathetic germination % but they must produce seed by such millions it doesn't matter out in the wild!).

We typically don't harden off our plants ourselves, but we always ensure we give all plants some extra shelter immediately after planting (we use wire hoops and mikroclima/frost cloth as a quick easy transition from inside to outside).

Our next plant release will be in early winter!

Our plant boxes can fit 10 plants per box, with a minimum order of 5 plants.

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