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Larkspur - Splish Splash


Sale price$6.00

My all time favourite larkspur! Every stem, every petal is a unique splash-painted mix of colours, from the palest lilac through to magenta and every mix in between!

We've grown these seeds ourselves, so there's a slight chance you might get some other colours pop up in your mix.



Larkspur - Splish Splash
Larkspur - Splish Splash Sale price$6.00

When to Sow:
Autumn to Late Winter

How to Sow:
Transplant (can also be Direct Sown)

Light & Cover Requirements:
COVER (needs darkness)

Ideal Temperature:
No Heat

Germination Speed:
Slow (10–21 days)

Larkspur germinate best when chilled for at least two weeks prior to sowing. As a rule storing Larkspur seeds dry in your fridge is also highly recommended.

Plant Type:
Hardy Annual

Ideal Location:
Full Sun



If you have found your larkspur don't thrive over our wet winters, we have found waiting to sow ours till spring and planting very far apart, helps hold them back to flowering in early summer when it's usually (hopefully) drier and still not too hot, as a little sweet spot window for us.

In drier climates larkspur can be planted very close together (10cm) for quicker larger mostly one stem harvests, or alternatively at 22cm and pinched for more smaller (bouquet sized) stems.

All parts of these plants are poisonous, including the seeds. Wash hands after handling.