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Our 2023 Ranunculus Plant season has now finished!

We'll be back with more plants again next winter (June/July 2024).

Craspedia, also known as Billy Buttons, are one of the most interesting flowers we grow!

Silvery grey grass-like foliage, with drumstick-like golden yellow 'flowers'. Lasts for seemingly ever dried. Very productive, when the plants get large and unruly just take a hedge trimmer to them reasonably low-ish and they'll put out another flush in time. Plants will need dividing every 2-3 years to maintain their vigour.

Plants may need to be cut down to fit into our boxes, but a cut back at this time of the season will help them bush up a bit more. We've found craspedia don't particularly love being potted, so always look a little rough, but once planted they will take off pretty fast (once it starts warming up in spring).

13cm Pot

See our Shipping page for more info (you can fit 5x 13cm pots per box, or they are similar to our 4 pack sizing for all other mix & match configurations).