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Behind Our Name

I often get asked what EMERDEN means, so I thought I would write a little post about how it came about:

EMERDEN is a combination of two family names Eden + Emery. Eden has been handed down many generations, it’s my brother’s, Dad's + Grandad’s middle names, and has obvious good connotations to growing and flower farming. Emery on the other hand faded out with my great-grandad, with its origin being a mystery I can’t quite solve.

When it came time to decide on a business name, I spent months bouncing around various names, mostly multi-word names, but I kept coming back to this deep-seated desire to have a one word name, the simplicity of just one word makes it so much bolder. Eventually when I stumbled upon EMERDEN it quickly became obvious this was to be my perfect one-word name. 

EMERDEN fitted the vision I had for the business, it encompasses the combination of being rooted in history—albeit slightly mysterious—with something lush and eden-like—plus it just sounds right, though I did almost make it Emerdeen as I like that sound better, but that's far too many e's for one word.