Stock - Katz White


My favourite white stock - so far, there's sooo many different series which I haven't properly trialed - yet - but the Katz have become our go-to series.

Compared to a fancy higher percentage double series I did trial this season, the Katz most importantly held their own against the winds much much better, so while netting is always advisable with stock, the Katz give you a little more leeway to by lazy - which is always appreciated :)

The Katz series are about a 50/50 mix between doubles and singles. The doubles are what stock are mostly grown for but don't disregard the singles, they're a welcome touch of airy elegance compared to the densely packed doubles! And as the doubles are what are used/sold more often, I reckon the singles are their little secret weapon of uniqueness!

Being apart of the brassica family, it's best to try and time sowing after your white butterfly numbers subside in autumn but with enough time to make it to flowering before their population explodes back in spring - or be prepared to net them and/or treat with weekly/fortnightly sprays of BT (Bacillus thuringiensis - organic bacteria) to keep the munching caterpillars under control.








Autumn–Late Winter

Ideal Planting Method
Transplant / Direct Sow

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