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Article: The Persimmon Orchard

The Persimmon Orchard

The new farm came with an abandoned persimmon orchard. At first I wasn't quite sure I wanted to keep it, I mean how many persimmons could you ever really need?

But slowly and surely as autumn settled in the leaves started to change and the golden fruits slowly revealing themselves from the sea of green. I think they probably actually won me over with their beautiful autumnal show before I actually tried eating any of them. Though once they started ripening to that perfect rosy deep orange tone I quickly found myself gorging myself on them regularly. And I have not been alone on the gorging, there's been an awful lot of happy chirping coming from the orchard as the birds take gorging to the next level, luckily there's been more than enough for as all to enjoy.

I'm not sure if I'll get round to giving them a good prune and tidy up this winter with all the other setup jobs yet to do, but I'm totally won over on keeping them. I'm tentatively planning to possibly offer then as a pick-your-own type experience next year as the orchard is just pure beautiful magic if not utterly delicious to boot! 




Wow, a whole orchard of persimmons! Lucky you!
I only have one small tree and I like to slice most of the persimmons and dehydrate them for a prolonged season of enjoying them. They retain their colour and are lovely as a dried fruit. I store them in Moccona coffee jars (have a good seal on the push in glass lids) and the bright orange dried fruit looks lovely in the glass jars. I have saved a collection of persimmon recipes for when my tree has a bumper crop.

Anne —

The most beautiful fruit, hard and juicy like an apple with half the calories so I’m told. How lucky you are with a whole orchard full of them.

Hilary Yorke —

Absolutely stunning! The colours and that arbour walk, stunning, exciting times ahead! Jx

Jacinda —

Those persimons are gorgeous Sarah. Love your photos. The colours are glorious. I’m sure you will have plenty of willing takers next year when they ripen. I would be keen to sample a few.
Wishing you all the best with the new venture. We will miss viewing all the lovely blooms next door.

Bill Davies —

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