A cheerful white + light pink lightly brushed with green. Semi-double late flowering, and average height.

10 bulbs per pack.

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Tulips are best planted mid-to late May


Tulips like a colder winter to bloom their best and tallest, than we typically get, so pre-chilling your bulbs is advised. They need about 6-8 weeks chilling . They can be chilled in your fridge (NOT freezer), and as they’ve severely sensitive to ethylene gases fruit & vege produce they need to be keep separate (ideally not in the same fridge).

Keep them in breathable paper bag and check for signs of mold, blue mold can be peeled off their skins without noticeable damage if need be—I always seem to end up with some mold on mine, so I am trying mixing the bulbs in with some vermiculite to absorb any excess moisture and hopefully have less mold this season.


In your garden tulips make the best impact planted in clumps of 10 or so. Choose a planting spot with full sun (or somewhere slightly shaded) and good drainage. Dig out a small hole about 15-20cm deep, mix in a little bulb fertilizer and compost. 1024=12Plant the bulbs very close like eggs in a carton (but not touching), and cover back up with the removed garden soil and top with a thick layer of compost as a mulch.