Open Day Tour - Saturday 18th January


Come wander the flower field and see our masses of summer flowers in their mid-summer flush. Hitting their peak flushes about then will be the heavenly scented sweet pea avenues, the first of the dahlias, and all the other interesting yesteryear type flowers I'm obsessed with growing.

11am - 1.30am
$5 entry (children 12 & under free).
Flower bunches will be available to purchase on the day.


OPEN DAY TOURS at 9am & 10am
$15 per person - pre-booking necessary 
Our farm is a little tight on path space to handle large groups, so to cap tour numbers to a more practical smaller size I've decided to run them separately to the main Open Day times this year. I'll walk around the field talking about how I got started, what I'm growing, and how and why I grow what I grow etc, and answering questions along the way - should be about 40-50mins-ish (I could easily talk flowers all day if you'd let me though :)


Children 12 & under free.

Start Time:

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