Anemone - Azzurro

Soft lavender anemone for all the cool colour lovers. I've been a hesitant cool colour dabbler the last few years (I'm a warm colour lover through and through!), but I'm embracing that early spring flirtation when cool colours are at their best! And with everything the Italians produce this is the lavender/blue anemone to convert the hesitant, it's subtle depth of colour is mind blowing!!

I've found the Mistral series to be slightly less productive than other series - but in the best possible way! I often found other series to be tiresome to keep on top of their constant never ending harvesting and constant deadheading, but the Mistrals were that perfect balance of productive without crossing the line of being unmanageable (unless you were shifting and setting up farms and everything in spring was unmanageable like me last spring :) 


How to Grow Anemones

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