Anemone - Bordeaux


The most luscious velvety bordeaux petals I've ever seen - and cute purple rings about their deepest centres to boot. These flowers are huge - at their peak most open they were about the size of my hand!

Anemones are one of the most productive and beautiful spring bulbs, a fraction less stems per plant than the Pastel but they make up for it with larger flowers, and honestly these cut-flower grade anemones will absolutely knock the socks off regular garden anemones. 

I've found they do best in a sheltered spot - some slight partial shade is fine and afternoon shade will probably help extend their season longer - the more you pick their blooms or deadhead as they fade the longer they will keeping blooming.

Full growing instructions are included in every packet.

Each pack contains 10 corms.

Please place your anemone corms orders seperate from your dahlia tuber pre-orders.

The system can't process your shipping rates correctly if placed on the same order (they won't be shipped together - anemones will ship right away - dahlias are pre-orders shipping in about August). Thanks for your understanding.

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