We have a few bulbs & seed releases throughout the year. Things usually sell out pretty quickly, so while we are working on adapting to better cater the demand, in the meantime we are prioritising letting our email subscribers have first notice of our launch/restocking times (the newsletter sign up form is in the bottom footer of the website).

Available in Autumn (February/March)
Italian Anemone Corms
NZ Tulip Bulbs
Hardy Annual Seeds

Available in late Autumn/early Winter (June)
Italian Ranunculus + Colibri Poppy Plants 

Available Winter (June/July)
Full Range of Seeds (Hardy & Summer Tenders)

Available Early Spring (September-ish)
Dahlia Tubers (our own grown tubers this year! We are not taking pre-orders this year so they'll only be available after we've lifted, divided and stocktake our numbers in the Spring.)