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Our Values

We grow flowers because this crazy often scary world could do with all the beauty and joy that flowers bring.

We believe that each and every person is special and our uniqueness and individuality should always be celebrated. It's our quirks and character that bring us together and make life all the more full because if it.

We believe beauty is in the imperfection and unexpected.

We believe there's something magical and meaningful to being more in sync with the seasons. There's a time and season for everything, the darkest dreary winters will always be followed by the bright excitement of springs. The ever changing seasons always bring us something new to celebrate and savour, first flower, abundant bounty, last harvest, and restful calm. 

We believe in dreaming the big dreams and celebrating those brave enough to chase them. Nothing inspires us more that to see others tackling the big, bold, and scary.

We believe life has more meaning, more joy and more excitement if we stop to savour and celebrate things more, big things, little things, anything that slows us down and brings us together.


Glowing Poppies