This season we will primarily be selling our own handgrown tubers with the exception of a small selection of imported tubers that we’ve bought in to help top-up our predicted tighter supply of tubers as we rearrange and build up stocks to be better set for next season’s handgrown tuber sale.


Growing and more so buying dahlias is a gamble if nothing else - in an ideal world it’d be wonderful to have them all be sure things and never lose. But when it comes to plants and especially dahlias it’s never really a sure thing - but all the wins make it absolutely worth the thrill of gambling (in my opinion :)

I am probably one of the biggest dahlia gamblers out there, and I lose probably more than most people - so I do totally understand the disappointment of every single loss. For better or worse I’ve found imported dahlias to be a bit more of a riskier gamble but I can personally justify the potential losses as totally worth it to get my hands on the special overseas varieties I oh so covet.

Below are our terms on the following potential issues so you can make an informed decision before purchasing - if you’re with me and you think the gamble is worth it, feel free to order. If you feel the risk is too high which is totally understandable, then please note we will not waiver on our terms so please be sure you are prepared, understand and agree to our terms before purchasing.


HANDGROWN - Any mislabels of our handgrown tubers will 100% be our fault (but hopefully a very very unlikely scenario as we haven’t messed up any our own saved tuber plant labeling yet) and we’ll be totally happy to replace or credit you the correct variety the following season.

IMPORTED - We promise to provide exactly what the supplier has supplied us, but they can sometimes get it wrong, and as they do not respond to us when we let them know we have zero hope of getting them to make right their mistake. 

Because of this we can not cover the cost of the supplier’s mistakes so we do not offer replacement, credits or refunds for mislabeled imported dahlia tubers. 

On previous orders we’ve had about an approx 10% chance of mislabels on imported tubers - which we feel like that’s good enough odds to get our hands on the rest of the 90% special varieties but we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’re ok with those approx odds.

We view our imported tubers as a way of accessing and sharing all the most coveted varieties with our customers - we do not really make much money doing so as our small orders aren’t massively cost effective on shipping & customs/MPI clearance fees - we only really get our own tuber order as payment for all the effort and stress of importing & sharing them with you so please know that with any mislabels we will be feeling the pain financially/emotionally much more than anyone else we sell them to.


Leafy (cauliflower) and Crown (lumpy) galls are an unfortunate perennial problem with growing dahlias. Their bacterial infections stunt future growth and unfortunately the only control is to dispose of all tubers/plants with signs of gall to reduce the chance of it spreading further. Once a dahlia is infected there is no way to salvage any part of the plant, so the plant in its entirety must be destroyed (landfill/burnt). Gall can be spread via sap sucking insects &/or snips via harvesting/dividing, and can even be present/live in the soil.

We’ve had pretty good success culling it out of our own handgrown tuber collection, and rotate around where we plant our tubers for as many years as field space allows, but we have found it to rear its head a bit more on imported tubers. We hand inspect all our tubers during packing and sift out everything we find, but on the off chance we miss something we’re happy to replace/refund any tubers you find with gall if you let us know within 10 days of receiving your order.


Having bought dahlias from just about every main dahlia supplier in NZ, and found potential signs of virus from pretty much all of them, including imported tubers, I have came to the hard conclusion that it is saner to embrace the idea of learning to live with virus/survival of the fittest/varieties won’t last forever mentality than stress about being 100% virus free (which would almost require giving up growing dahlias due to the lack of realistically clean tuber stock in NZ in my opinion). So with our handgrown tubers we cull any variety/plant that shows weakling stunted signs, and anything with overt ring virus markings, but beyond that we focus on just growing the best performing varieties, sanitizing our snips between varieties during harvests, and between tuber clumps when dividing. We cannot promise our tubers are 100% virus free, but we can promise to only sell our best performing varieties (hence this season our availability might be a little less than we’d hoped as we cull a few underperforming varieties or give them one more trial season to prove themselves, and generally rearrange re-prioritise what we’re growing for next year’s tuber sale).


We will offer replacements or credits in the following scenarios:

– Mislabeled Handgrown tubers - if notified by email with clear photos to by 31 March 2022

We will refund or replace in the following scenarios:

– Gall Handgrown & Imported tubers -  if notified by email with clear photos to within 10 days of receiving your order, if we have the right spare tubers we will replace or refund this season, or if we’ve sold out we can replace or credit the following 2022 season.

– Poor Quality Handgrown & Imported Tubers - if you feel the quality of any of our tubers is lacking please contact us within 10 days of receiving your tubers with clear photos to to start the return process - tubers must be returned to be eligible for refund or replacement. Upon inspecting the returned tubers we reserve sole discretion whether to cover the cost of your return & replacement shipping or not. If we concur the tuber quality was subpar we’ll happily cover the shipping costs for your return/replacement. If however we feel the tuber quality is viable we will give you the option of a refund (less return shipping costs) or a replacement (but you will need to cover the full cost of return + replacement shipping). Replacements are availability dependent, if a suitable replacement is not available this season we can offer a credit or replacement for the following 2022 season.

* Please note imported tubers naturally look pretty mangled, dehydrated and depressing (as they were ready to be planted in their Northern Hemisphere season back in March/April) but I’ve been constantly surprised just how well they somehow grow despite their first impressions and little expectations I have of them at times.

We DO NOT offer returns, credits or refunds for the following scenarios:

– Mislabeled Imported tubers – our Dutch supplier just will not play ball on this

– Gall or Poor Quality Tubers if NOT notified by email within 10 days of receiving your order. As there are just too many variables to what may or may not affect tuber quality and viability we cannot continue to guarantee quality once they are in your care - so please inspect all your tubers immediately upon delivery and we are more than happy to help solve any issues as soon as possible.

– Viruses – we do not guarantee our tubers are 100% virus free.

Please do not message us on Instagram or Facebook regarding any issues with your tubers or orders as they’re too easily lost on those platforms.