Dahlia - Jowey Mirella

I won the dahlia mislabel lottery last this season and somehow managed to end up having a sneak peak of this deep dark red-burgundy beauty. I'm obsessed with it's perfect ball form - I think this might be my new burgundy staple dahlia from here on out. Not quite as productive as others but every stem is perfection.


Flower Diameter

90mm approx



For up-to-date info about how the importing is going see our Dahlia Pre-Order Update post here.

Just a few quick notes about our dahlias this season.

Imported Tubers

These tubers are imported (just like most all other widely available tubers from the usual places), so will therefore potentially look a little worse for wear as they're been held back for half a season as they switch over from their natural Northern Hemisphere season to our opposite Southern Hemisphere ie when planted in late Spring in NZ will be the tubers equivalent to their late Autumn. But not to worry I've definitely felt like I've pushed my tubers to the brink with imported tubers in past seasons - and despite being worried about their straggly appearance they very reliably grow into beautiful plants in no time. This is my first time being the importer myself but I'm confident that they'll be just as successful as any I've previously bought from other suppliers here in NZ.


Tubers will be delivered in August (now likely early September) as soon as they've arrived - cleared customs - and in our hands, and we've received payment from you. Cost of delivery will be added to your order invoice when we send you your invoice.

I'm confident that delivery should still go ahead as planned, despite all the chaos in the world at the moment. Worst case scenario we do have quite a large timeframe for them to be sent/arrive without causing drastic effect on our growing season - but if we have to tweak their ship dates to work around any Covid19 disruptions I'll let you know as soon as possible. But I and the supplier are quite confident we have nothing to worry about.

UPDATE 24/7: Due to Covid the ship was in fact delayed by a month, but should be arriving in NZ about the 20th-ish August (then however long MPI inspection, & getting them delivered to me takes after that)

Quantities Available

I have held back a buffer % of tubers which I won't release for sale until they've arrived and I can check for any potential losses - and I will eat into my own personal order as much as I can bare if there's more losses than expected, but as these are living things there is still always a chance that not enough of the tubers make it to me in sound condition - that is part of the risk in taking pre-orders that kinda scares me but I have tried my absolute best to prepare for all but the very very hopefully quite unlikely worst case worse scenario. If the worst does in fact happen I will be in touch before I release my buffer quantities (and any spares from the ones I'm growing myself this season post-dividing) so you can get first dibs on a back-up plan on a first ordered first offered basis.

Images - Or Lack Thereof

I apologise for the lack of quality images, taking my own photos is such an intrinsic part of my business I feel like a fish out of water without having any of my own to use - as I'm having to sell them before I've had a chance to grow & photograph them myself. In lieu of my own photos (I don't believe in plagiarising/stealing photos off Google) I've created illustrations to capture the essence of what I hope their colours & shapes will be - as well as the often terrible photos from the supplier. The truest sense of each variety can mostly be found by Google Image searching each variety and taking the average/most common dahlia shown in the results, especially trusting in the many reputable international flower farmer's images.


The supplier has adamantly promised there will be no mislabels, they themselves have a trial patch where they grow a small patch of every variety that their growers have supplied so there's no room for mislabels to slip past them. I'm slightly hesitant to believe them fully but hopefully that isn't something we have to deal with. I'll also be growing some of every variety for sale so if there's any mishaps I will absolutely be chasing them up for replacements for both myself and you my customers.


In an ideal world I would prefer to charge in full for these as that's the most simplest least time intensive option (I can't figure out how to automate pre-ordering without it being a manual process) and also in complete transparency would be a huge help to my cashflow at a time of the season when things always start to get very tight - but as I haven't actually dealt with this supplier before, I've decided to just leave taking payments till they've arrived in the country and then I can add on the correct delivery/courier charge once everything is sorted.

Payments will need to be promptly made upon receipt of invoices - if no payment is received within 10 days of invoicing and we haven't been able to contact you, we will cancel your pre-order, and release your tubers back into our final 'buffer' quantities tuber sales. Please make sure your email + phone number are correct to avoid this.

At the checkout please select 'Dahlia Pre-Order' as the payment option.

Pricing Note

The NZ Dollar / Euro has dropped to about a 10 year low in the last month especially even just the last week - I have allowed a buffer of sorts to account for the exchange rate's natural fluctuations, and I'm kinda betting on it levelling out in the coming weeks - but if in the worst case scenario it falls too much lower right around the time I pay my last main payment (just before they ship out in a few months) I might have to bump the price up to about $10+ each (which I really really don't want to crack that double digit price point) - but we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. I'm sure once the world settles into its new normals it'll all settle back down soon enough, and I won't have to make any changes - but please be aware that is a hopefully slim possibility, and by placing an order you agree to any potential price change.

*31/3 UPDATE - the exchange seems to have calmed down a lot since last week so hopefully we should be in the clear to leave things as is.


Sorry this is a bit of an essay of sorts but importing dahlias for the first time and having to order larger than my own needs and selling them without having a season to test the process out beforehand is a little scary as there's just soo many unknowns to the whole process, but come summer and we see all our beautiful dahlias flowering it'll be soo be worth it - so a huge thanks for supporting me and helping fuel my much loved flower gambling addiction :)


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