By the Dozen


En mass bunches of the showiest flowers in the field 'By the Dozen'.

Currently available:


The 'rose of early spring', Ranunculus (ranuncs) are our all time favourite flower by leaps and bounds! With their many many gorgeous layers of petals, beautiful colour ranges, and outstanding vase-life they are truly the best of the best!

As everything beautiful and worthwhile is, they're not the easiest of flowers to grow and due to biosecurity restrictions we've been forced to grow them from seed (no other country in the world has to resort to seeds). But our passion and love of these gems is very real, so we've taken it upon ourselves to be at the forefront of NZ's ranunculus seed trials, importing seeds ourselves from around the world (and supplying other small scale growers through-out the country). 

They're the truest definition of labour of love, and we're so excited to share these remarkable bundles of joy with you!


Mix of the three queens of spring: Ranuncs + Tulips + Anemones!

NOTE: Exact colours and varieties will vary from bunch to bunch & day to day - currently they're leaning more into all the pinks and warm tones.



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