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From Tulips to Anemones, Ranunculus and Iceland Poppies, early spring is possibly the most exciting time of the year for flowers! This season we're growing exponentially more Tulips and Anemones than we've ever grown before, adding numerous new varieties and colours. We've also gone to great lengths to import precious seeds for the coveted Italian Ranunculus and Colibri Poppies which we can barely contain our excitement about (I'm pretty sure I've been blabbering on and on about these Ranunculus for about a year now, but they're finally here, and so much better than I could ever have imagined!).

Starting this coming Friday 20th / Tuesday 24th we're offering an exclusive best of the field 4-week spring flower subscription. Every week you'll receive a fresh mix of all these stunning spring blooms, with each week being slightly different as ebb and flow of the different colours and flowers flushing slowly changes.

Heavy on big glorious flowers and light on fillers, we have 2 different sized bunches to chose from:

ORIGINAL: 4 x $25 bunches ($100)
NEXT LEVEL: 4 x $45 bunches ($180) 

You can also choose between

  • Free Pick-Up Tuesdays 1pm – 6pm at our flower farm (54 Flint Road West, Stratford) starting 24th September.
  • Delivered on Friday mornings starting 20th September *see Subscription Delivery Map tab below/left
    • Northward Taranaki: New Plymouth, Inglewood, Egmont Village, Midhirst for $8/delivery ($28)
    • North-East Taranaki: Waitara, Bell Block, Lepperton $12/delivery ($48)
    • Rural Stratford South to Eltham including Cardiff $12/delivery ($48)
    • Stratford $5/delivery ($20)
    • If there's enough interest I can add a southward route to Hawera etc and/or a North-West route Omata–Oakura, so do message me if that's something you'd like sarah@emerden.com

Available to purchase until 9pm Wednesday 18th September, unless sold out beforehand.

    Can I skip a week?

    Due to the short season of these flowers there won't be room to push out the subscription an extra week at the end. You can however gift your subscription to a friend for one week only, if delivered to an alternative address an extra delivery charge will need to paid if they're in a different zone (no refund is given if they're in a cheaper delivery zone or they pick-up). Please give as much notice as possible if doing this, ideally it needs to be sorted by 7pm Thursday night.

    I live outside of the delivery zone, can you deliver?

    As I'll be hand-delivering in person I'm trying to be as efficient as possible with my routes, so straying too far off route isn't feasible. If you have friends or family that live within the zone, I can deliver to their address for you.

    What if I miss a pick-up?

    If you miss a pick-up and didn't pre-arrange an alternative plan, we can hold your flowers in our chiller for a couple of days. No replacement fresher flowers will be given.

    Can I ask what a certain flower is?

    Absolutely! Feel free to reach out via email or social media if there's a flower in your mix that you'd love to name. In an ideal world I'd love to do these subscriptions as bunches of one type of flower and change them up each week, with little labels about the 'flower of the week', but I don't quite trust my field to not go rogue and flower on its own schedule so mixes they are this season at least!

    How do I make the flowers last the longest?

    There's a few key things that affect how long the flowers last:

    • Variety–different flowers naturally last longer than others, and there's not too much we can do to change that other than ensuring we harvest at the exact right stage, but most of these spring flowers are some of the longest lasting flowers I grow and if not they're some of the beautiful anyways.
    • Water cleanliness—the cleanliness of your water (and vase) can make a world of difference on your-vase life. It's the bad bacteria in the water that can do the most damage so ensuring there's no extra surface area for the bacteria to breed on remove all foliage that sits below the water level, make sure you have enough water in your vase but also try not to overfill it. Change out the water as often as you can, daily or every other day is ideal, and after a few days recut the stems about an inch off each time. I'll include a little flower food sachet each week for a little pick-me up for your flowers after a couple of days.
    • Temperature + Placement—Where you put your flowers can also greatly affect their vase-life, ideally you want to find a nice cool spot away from heaters or direct heat-pump air flows, out of direct sunlight, and also actually away from any fruit & veg—they give off ethylene gases as they ripen which most flowers are relatively sensitive too. 

    In the hopefully really unlikely event we have a severe shortage of our own farm flowers we will fill any gaps with bought-in NZ grown suitable alternative flowers.

    Delivery Map

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