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Article: Ranunculus Plant Sale - Sunday 4 July

Ranunculus Plant Sale - Sunday 4 July

The forecast has finally swung in our favour (aka the paddock is dry enough to not get cars stuck in the mud!), so we're hosting a one-day plant sale!

This SUNDAY 4th July 11am–3pm 
276 Tikorangi Road East, Tikorangi

Limited car parking (please car pool with friends if possible)

We'll have the following available:
– our coveted Italian & French Ranunculus plants ($8 each / 4 for $28)
– special pre-release selection of our upcoming seed packs ($5.50–$6.00)
– small selection of our favourite annual plants: snapdragon, ammobium, strawflower, poppies, stock, orlaya & others ($6 each / 4 for $20)
– last of the Anemone Corms on special too $8–$10
– Dried Flower Bunches $30+

For all non-locals don't worry we'll reserve some of the ranuncs & seeds for our online release next week and can ship NZ wide —a little nerve wracking to ship plants but we'll figure it out - I'm going to 'practice' this week and work out how I'll do it and how many fit in what box for how much shipping and pop that info up on the ranunc pages once I have it sorted for you.

I'm also just finalising my ranunc growing guide info for all your growing questions, ready to post this week (along with update what extra varieties we have available online too - it's going to be a busy week!).




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