Dahlia Pre-Orders Update - UPDATED 9 SEPTEMBER


Ok so packing up the dahlias is proving to be a much much bigger job than I'd imagined. Not helping anything is that because the ship was delayed a month or so, instead of packing them up in August (aka the calm before the spring storm month), I'm now having to find time in the busiest month of the year, in the busiest year of my life, to sort and pack them all, and I'm not going to lie it's kinda breaking me trying to juggle everything at the moment. 

But luckily/unluckily the weather later this coming week is looking to be utterly tragic, so we'll be cramming as much dahlia packing as possible and I'm dearly hoping to get to picking out orders by the end of this week, fingers crossed!! And then in turn sending as soon as final payments come through.

So just letting you know we're behind schedule, but we're doing everything we can to get them to you as soon as we physically can!

Thanks again for being so understanding through all of this!




The dahlias have finally arrived!!! YAY!! So we've got them all down in our basement (the new farm house came with the absolute perfect basement for storing tubers!), and I'm running around getting everything ready to start packing orders this weekend. Kay (Flowers on Lawn) & I will be packing orders and sending final invoices (tubers & shipping) as we go, as finally at long last I'll know what is exactly what!

Once we have all the tubers packed up and pre-orders sorted we'll be releasing for sale everything that's left by the end of the month. Some varieties will be fully sold out, but we should still have quite a bit left for sale too! I'm also planning a little on farm Dahlia Tuber Sale (& unofficial new farm opening) event for Taranaki locals later this month. I'll send an email out announcing it and pop an event on Facebook - so keep an eye out there (newsletter sign-up form in bottom footer) - just waiting to see how much time I need to give my Dad to get the shed useable.

Also another reminder that these are imported tubers, so they do look a bit tragic compared to NZ grown tubers. They've been held back 6 months as they transition from Northern to Southern Hemisphere seasons - they would have long been fully flowering by now in their natural environment! But despite their sad appearance, we'll be ensuring every little clump has at least one eye (some have definitely more than one, and some have even started to shoot up), and they should grow just fine for you.

I've been growing imported tubers just like these from other NZ importers for years and I don't remember ever having any problems, I've skeptically planted thinking 'here's nothing' many times, but they always pull through! So long as they eyes are good they'll grow and effectively become their own 'cuttings' if the tubers themselves aren't fantastic.



Just another quick short update. The tubers are in the country!!! So exciting! But just like every single little step of the process we've discovered yet more little hiccups! First off as I ended up sharing my container with Melanie (Petal Plants) who also ordered from the same Dutch supplier, we were then classified as an FAK (more than one consignee shipping container situation), and as our container contained bulbs, it turns out there wasn't an actual designated customs/MPI clearance facility approved for the unique criteria of both FAK & bulbs! But luckily with some help from a couple lovely MPI ladies they've sorted approving a facility for us!

Then as it also turns out that the MPI dahlia phytosanitary certificate requirements changed while they were at sea, just a very minor wording change in our case thankfully, but a change we are now waiting on the Dutch to re-issue our amended certificates before they can be cleared.

But the shipping container has landed in Tauranga, and will be sent up to Auckland tonight / tomorrow, and I'm not 100% sure the exact schedule after that (which possibly depends on when the updated phyto. cert. comes through - hopefully by end of week), then they will be devanned and unloaded and inspected before they're officially cleared and sent on down to me.

So sooo close now though!




There unfortunately ended up being a few more dramas than I’d like just before the dahlias made into the ship. 1/5 of our order ended up being rejected after washing/Dutch inspection, and unfortunately it ended up being mostly whole varieties being very nearly or completely wiped out rather than an even few of each which I was buffer prepared for. 

Anyways I’ve messaged everyone who I know I’m going to have to short tubers for, but just a heads up that the following varieties are very very vulnerable to further shortages (if the rest don't all arrive 100% ok):

Sweet Nathalie
Cornel Bronze
Jowey Mirella
Daisy Duke
Rip City & Jowey Nicky should be fine, but their numbers are a little too far into my buffer zone at the moment.

I’m really bummed that I let the supplier convince me to put my faith in them as I really, really didn’t want to have to short anyone anything - I’ve been there so my times myself, so I really understand how much of a let down it can be especially for varieties I’d set my hopes on!

Anyways luckily in the grand scheme we’ve still got some amazing new to NZ varieties who’re hopefully still going to be good to go, and I know I’m very excited about them!

Also just to note the ship was also delayed to COVID (not as many sailings available so we had to take a later than planned one) so they won’t be arriving into NZ till about the 18th-ish August. I'm just working out the logistics for once they make it here, I was told the ship would be unloading in Auckland, but turns out it's headed to Tauranga and will need to be trained up to Auckland to the appropriate inspection devanning & MPI inspection facilities before they can be sent back down to me (I'm hopeful that it might take around 2-ish weeks if I'm lucky from arriving in Tauranga to getting to me).

The supplier did add on some extras varieties & tubers, in lieu of the many shortages, that I’m kinda excited about (theres some that I'd started kicking myself for not ordering in the first place!). I should still have some of my buffer stocks left on a lot of varieties, so I’ll be releasing them all for sale first to anyone whose order I’ve had to short, then I’ll be releasing what’s left to everyone else after that (mid-September hopefully).

Once they arrive I’ll start to pack up your orders straight away and I’ll be sending out your final invoices with your shipping added on. Please make sure you keep an eye out for your invoice, as if I haven't received payment or been able to reach you via email or phone within 10 days of sending your invoice I will have to release your order back for sale.

I'm waay behind on dividing my own tubers (aka haven't even started), and they look to be having a bad winter of storage, so if I have any spares left I will likely be listing them at a later date (October-ish), once their eyes really start showing themselves and it's a bit easier to quickly divide.

Thanks so much for your understanding! Despite all the uphill battles to get to this point and all the crazy the world has been thrown this year, I'm so excited we get to bring a bit more much needed special beauty into the world this summer!



I've had a few people messaging lately about the dahlia tuber pre-orders, so I thought I better do a quick update to everyone.

Our tubers are currently packed up and ready to send sitting in a temperature controlled room in the Netherlands waiting to be shipped out and the end of June. We're forcing them to switch their hemisphere seasons so the supplier is helping trick them into thinking it's still winter, and when they ship out they'll also be in a temperature & humidity controlled container to keep holding them back a tad longer (it's the start of summer over there now so they'll be dying to get growing right about now if left to their own devices :)

They should get to NZ at the very end of July, and after MPI inspect them should hopefully be in my hands ready to start shipping out in August sometime. Once I receive them I'll need to figure out how many tubers will fit into what sized boxes and start sending out invoices to everyone (or partial invoices for the shipping for everyone who generously opted to pay when you placed your order).

I'm hoping we don't have any significant losses during transit, but please be aware that that is a hopefully slim possibility but all things going well we won't have to cross that bridge. But once I've taken a finally tally of what we've got vs orders etc, I'll release the last extras for sale probably late August/September sometime.

We've dug up all our own grown tubers late last month, and will start dividing in the next couple of weeks, if we end up with any spares we'll also be posting those for sale at the same time as the others too, though they'll probably be pretty limited compared to the imports this year.



Dahlia Tubers


Thanks Joan, it’s definitely been a steep learning curve, but what a year to be my first try!

Sarah Hawkless August 10, 2020

Best of luck with your shipment we know whats its like trying to get them into the country its MPI really. I dont think we will be getting any in this season because of Covid 19.

Joan Davey August 10, 2020

So lovely seeing your Top10 plus some delightful extras, love how you’ve described them and eagerly await my order, must say very tempted with some of the ones you mention that you grew last season. Here’s hoping for a fabulous upcoming season, where you can enjoy all your hardwork w your babies and their new home. Take care Jx

Jacinda June 19, 2020

Susanna—Yes I’ll be sending an email out later on when the last of them are made available come late August/September. So make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter if you’re not already :)

Thanks Virginia :)

Sarah Hawkless June 18, 2020

Hi Sarah,
thank you so much for tonights webinar,you were fantastic!
Love to order a few tubers from you when they come up for sale.
Do you send an email out when they are available or can I pre order now.
Many thanks and keep the great work up!

susanna todd June 18, 2020

Thanks for the update and good luck with creating your new garden. I look forward to getting my dahlia bulbs and also visiting your new garden.
Cheers Virginia

Virginia Winder June 18, 2020

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